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Feature Article

“It’s Okay to Laugh, Right?”: Toward a Pedagogy of Racial Comedy in Multicultural Education

Ellie Fitts Fulmer and Nia Nunn Makepeace
          with contributions from Melanie Abbe, Sarah Apgar, Rachel Strongin, Susan Giarratano, and Serena Shields
          All authors and contributors are associated with Ithaca College

Queer(y)ing Culture through Professional Learning Communities: A Reimagining of Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy

Cristina Guerrero, Armen Shahnazarian*, Michelle F. Brown* 

University of Toronto, Toronto District School Board*

Key words: teacher professional learning, culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy, urban schooling, queer pedagogy, culture 

LGBTQ Family Advocacy at School

Tara Goldstein
Jenny Salisbury
Pam Baer*
Austen Koecher*
benjamin lee hicks*
Kate Reid*
Bishop Owis*
Edil Ga’al*
Ty Walkland*

*members of the research project whose contributions are represented in the article, listed in order of joining the team

University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education