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With a Flip of a Page

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Tina Nguyen - 9th Grade
Hill-Freedman World Academy; Philadelphia, PA

She fell in love with reading during the pandemic

With a flip of a page it ended her boredom

It took a while to find what she loved, still she is as indecisive as ever


Books gave meaning to the little things.

It satisfied her interciate, perfectionist mind 

It answered her unwavering questions 


What the heck was she thinking?

Why did he say that?

Is this going to make me cry again?


With a flip of a page she could get to know a woman across the globe from her

She was introduced to this woman’s story, her hardships, her brave spirit, 

and her unwavering love for the ones that loved her back


With a flip of a page, she could enter a world not of her own 

It was a makeshift bridge that helped aide her across rippled and turbulent waters

It were her relief, her “knight in shining armor” 

Books gave color to the world that was so chaotic yet mundane