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Aliaskar Dastan - 9th Grade
Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics; Taraz, Kazakhstan


2020 was a very bizarre year. It was full of very strange situations and a lot of COVID cases. This year will make a new chapter of our world's history. I can say that "Coronavirus" was the hardest challenge for humanity that we could pass through together.

As you know, governments of many countries were closed to tourists and decided to be on lockdown. This quarantine changed people's lives. Big challenges arose in students' lives. We were forced to learn at home, distantly, to prevent contact of infected people with healthy ones. Also, many changes were in the lives of our parents, who were still working no matter what.

I will share my mom's work routine, experiences, and school life. My mom's work routine usually started at 9:00 a.m. She did all her morning routines and had breakfast. To continue earning money, her store started delivery options for quarantine. Urban people and even people from rural areas ordered dresses, accessories, and other stuff. And many people made orders from other cities, so we sent parcels with their clothes to them. It was a very good experience for our family. Even now, after this pandemic, she does online orders from various cities in Kazakhstan. Like any Kazakhstani student, I had online learning.

My daily routine started at 7:40 a.m., from taking a bath to having my breakfast. After, I usually went downstairs to my laptop and took 15 minutes to set everything up, like my books and copybooks. Then, I was ready to have my lessons via the "Microsoft Teams" app. It was very convenient to use, and every task or lesson had to be done there. Approximately the first two weeks were very hard to get used to a new lifestyle. But we could manage this fast. This form of studying had its pros and cons. As for pros, we were careless about our outfits and located in comfy places. It had cons as well. It was difficult to concentrate in an empty room alone without my classmates. We were also disrupted by our family members (and don't even try to disagree with me, the experience of my friends and me is the prime example). Moreover, we faced health problems such as a backache and worsening eyesight, as our lifestyle was sedentary.

We got accustomed to having our lessons by 4 p.m. However, online classes ended by 1-2 p.m. We did our homework after lessons, and we were free for the rest of the day. I also should mention about food that I mostly ate during the pandemic. Predominantly it was vegetables and fruits. I considered that it would be better for my body.

As you see, alterations were everywhere, in every sphere of my life. These alterations affected all humanity. But it was only a temporary decision to keep the healthy part of our nation safe. On this note, I end my essay. I want to say I am so happy to return to my usual and real life where I have my real friends, school, and teachers.