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They Say Nothing is Forever

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Ana Nunez - 10th Grade
Norristown Area High School; Norristown, PA

March 20th, 2019
Dear Diary, 

I have to tell you something! Alexa and I had a girl's day out. First, we went to the mall, then we went to the movies and saw a really funny movie, and we ended our day with dinner. Dinner was so good. I had pasta while she had a salad. I had so much fun. At dinner, we made a pact of friendship. The pact was that we would be best friends forever. It was the best year of my life!

March 20th, 2020
Dear Diary, 

I'm so bored today. Ever since the Pandemic started, I haven't been able to see Alexa at all. We still text and facetime each other, but it's not the same. The school has been closed down for two weeks. The district said that it would open back up in another two weeks, so I'm excited because I will be able to see Alexa again. Honestly, I was so excited when they said we would be off from school. I was planning on hanging out with Alexa during the whole break. Unfortunately, we couldn't since everything was closed due to COVID. I have hope though that this whole thing will be over soon. I'll give it two months for all of this to be over.

March 20, 2021
Dear Diary, 

I'm so tired. It has been over a year since the Pandemic started. I'm so over everything. Everything has been going downhill for me. I started my freshman year of high school online, and it's so frustrating. I have been barely able to keep up with homework. I feel like everything has been piling up, and I can't seem to escape this never-ending cycle. The worst part is that lately, Alexa and I barely talk, and when we do, we say basic greetings, or she leaves me to read. When I tried to facetime her, she always declined my calls. When I go on social media, I can see that she has made new friends and has forgotten about me. I feel so hurt by her actions. I keep thinking, what have I done wrong? Why is she doing this? Did I ever mean anything to her?

March 20, 2022
Dear Diary, 

Why is life so harsh? I started my first year of in-person high school seven months ago, and whenever I see Alexa in the hallways, we pass by, barely looking each other in the eye. The first time I saw her in the hallways, I was so happy since it had been years since I'd seen her that I felt like crying. So I waved her over, and she looked at me and walked past me as if I wasn't more than just a mere stranger waving at her. Now when we cross paths, we ignore each other. Every time I see her, a piece of my heart shatters as I remember the good memories we had when everything was sunshine and rainbows. It's the worst year of my life.