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Matthew Capoferri - 10th Grade
Springfield Township High School; Erdenheim, PA

Last year was a tough year, from having to transition from virtual to in-person. I missed an important email from the coach about the dismissal time. I called my dad and told him what had happened. Luckily, he came and picked me up. My dad was really mad at me. He was yelling pretty loudly, but I was not listening because I was also angry. I was looking forward to going to the game. He took me to the game. By the time we got there, my lacrosse team was warming up. I rushed to get dressed and warmed up faster than ever. Coach Nick pulled me aside and asked: "What happened?" I told him, "I didn't get the email on what time to leave class, so I was late for the bus." He understood the situation, so I went back to warm up. 

The game started, and I wasn't a starter because I missed the bus and showed up late. He put me in in the second quarter, and I almost scored two times. The first time I almost scored, I ran around the net with the ball and shot it, but I was so nervous I missed. The next shot I took was from the right side of the field. I missed by a good three feet. I was playing a little off, but I knew something good would happen. 

The first half ended, and I was very proud of what I did in my first ever varsity minutes. The third quarter was about to start, and I was so excited. I didn't play much in the third, but I got in towards the end. I didn't have any scoring chances in the second quarter. The last quarter was starting, and I didn't start again. I was dying to get in. I quickly glanced at the coach, and he gave me a look. The look you get when he wants to sub you in. His eyes were squinted, and he waved his hand to tell me to go in. There were six minutes left, and I was ready for my first goal. I got the ball behind the net, made a move to the net, got a shot off, and missed wide right. I was determined to get a goal. The goalie threw the ball to the middle of the field, and my teammate John picked the ball out of the air. He passed it back to me in front of the net. I received it and knew I had the shot. Without any hesitation, I shot it, and the ball went in. I was so happy! I celebrated with the team because it was my first varsity goal. Then got taken back out of the game and stayed out for the rest. This was fine because I scored, so I didn't mind. The game ended, and we won twelve to three. Later the next day, my mom saw in the newspaper that a freshman scored their first varsity goal in a game against William Tenet in a lacrosse game yesterday. I was proud of myself. 

This year, I am still going into school every day, but now I check my email. My communication has improved. The lacrosse season has not started yet, but I'm excited. I think this year I will be on varsity. I am hoping, but I don't want to jinx it. As I transitioned back into school for good, I learned a lot of life skills, like how important it is to stay in contact with teachers and coaches and contact someone properly. As I look back to last year, there were a lot of lessons to learn, like communication and never giving up. I took those lessons and used them this year in my learning. I know I will use them well.