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With Love

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Tina Nguyen - 9th Grade
Hill-Freedman World Academy; Philadelphia, PA

I see them every day

The same face

Same eyes,

Same nose

Same lips, 

Same attitude 


Do I take them for granted?

Maybe... I don´t know

But, I know I wouldn't want to lose them


¨Mom, can I buy this?¨

¨Yeah, go ahead¨, she said.




I had gotten used to her agreeing that 

 it came as something natural 


I promise myself I´d show how much I

Appreciate my parents with something other than just a smile 

but I fall back to my old habits 


I wish I´d express my love and appreciation more

¨Thank You¨

¨I Love You¨

Why are these phrases

 so hard for me to say?


You might not hear me say it,

But you can see it in my eyes and way the corners of my lips curve up

Now as I work on vocalizing my love, this is what I can show them


¨Ăn trái cây không?¨

(¨Hey, do you want some fruit?¨)

These 6 words were how they communicated love

¨Vâng, con muốn ăn, Cảm ơn mẹ¨

(¨Yeah, I´d love some. Thank you, Mom¨)

I replied back with love