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The Paradox of Life as Surveyed by Death

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Ray Meyers - 9th Grade
Woodstown High School; Woodstown, NJ

This poem is about how peer pressure can cause people with diverse opinions and beliefs to silence themselves. They feel pressured and don't speak out because of the threatening eyes of others who don't reciprocate their feelings. I feel this myself, especially during the pandemic, where my views were ever-changing, just like how people saw me. 

For some they will thrive

And others they’ll die

Some will be truthful

Others shall lie

For some it’s bliss

And others it’s fear

When they shall see me

The end is near

Few will rise

And stand up tall

Others blocked

Behind a shattering wall

Pain is love

And love is spite

Enough to make one

Sob through the night

Green is yellow

And yellow is blue

Colors are blinding

As I am to you

Words have power

Actions more

Especially when you’re dead

And on the floor.

An inevitable sorrow


Hidden in a field of dust

My spirit rises as the peace is washed away.

Excluded from my epiphany

Are the thoughts soaring through the clear skies

Of my crystal clear mind.

They know not of the struggles and darkness

Buried down underneath the land they trek

Screaming to be released by their ill

intentions and obliviousness. Life is not a


Not perfectly scripted in soulful hymns,

Instead it is written



Across paper of lies

The novel to be published

By those who destroyed its characters.

The corruption caused by the corrupters

Who the world is unable to identify

As the perpetrators

A cruel fate we are assigned

For the universe reads not in between the lines.

I’m not a poet


I'm not a poet

I just know how

to write. I'm not

an artist

I just color

between the lines.

I'm nothing special

That's what you think

Little do they know

I'm creating art each

Time that I blink.

I'm not a rebel

That's what they say

They have yet to

see the day When i

speak out of line

Say our world’s

not okay. I'm

nothing special

That's what I believe

Little do I know

I’ve got something

up my sleeve

Something great to


Silencencing these unspoken words

Most people turn

A blind eye to me.

I'm not anything special

Nothing they want to see.

A streak of madness across these

Wanderlust eyes

Subduing the sound of my inner cries.

Im old enough now to formulate opinions

Wondery why people make these decisions.

Why the rain beats down

Why the sun brings ashes to the ground.

When I look I stare not into space

But through your seemingly friendly face.

Masked are your intentions

Monsters you want not mention.

I see your cold smile the sun turned warm

But the moon steals it back under her pale touch.

You know when you see me that I know too much.

Your eyes gag my mouth so I cannot speak

Gazes turned like daggers towards me so I cannot shriek.

The world wants not what it doesn’t know

Telling me I’m wrong, my head moving slow.

As I fade to darkness and close my eyes

You assure the crowd there’s nothing to see here,

Lies, lies, lies.

Not even your motionary violence

Can silence

Our cries.