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The Tragedy In Taboo And Tears

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Ray Meyers - 9th Grade
Woodstown High School; Woodstown, NJ

This poem expresses the idea that sometimes people think they shouldn’t share their emotions and let them out after bottling them up because they might seem weak. Society makes us feel like we should keep everything hidden and look strong—especially in times like this. It can be hard to be strong, and much is expected of people. In this poem, I depict those feelings, and the pressure one is put under when they aren’t allowed to embrace their feelings.








Many people look at me

and only see what they want to see.

Waves of chaos changing my everlooking eyes

becoming more denying of the

world’s lasting lies. Strong like

the wind

and proud like the sea,

Some people think there’s no shattering me.

Taboo and tears splatter

As if feelings and beliefs don’t matter.

A knife to the heart, the moment’s token

a momento to all that has been

beaten and broken. This

separation makes me fear

For my sanity I hold so dear.

My feet rolling against the sands of time in

an hourglass so grand these moments of

mine preserved in a gentle hand. All that

has been and all that has not

it is all gone now, indeed it’s been lost.

My eyes like a king, hopeful yet hopeless

through my lips a song sings,

though utterly soulless. My hands,

wide saucers, hold the world in

their palm slowly they’re breaking

as our time passes on.

When comes a time when our

darkness shall fade? The waters

of gaiety, when soon shall we



Trapped in a box under an endless sea of green

troubles rolling down into a meaningless ravine.

Stuck in a place where emotion dare not go

forever in neutrality with everything we know.

From my sorrowful eye a

diamond of emotion falls

shattering and breaking these

once powerful walls. Sometimes

we just need a moment to cry

for if we suppress them our good spirits shall all die.