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Zhanabekova Zhanel - 10th Grade
Kazguu School; Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Hello everyone! My name is Zhanel. I am sixteen years old, and I am in tenth grade. Now my studies are offline. During the pandemic, there was online learning. Let me tell you in more detail. For almost ten years, I studied at a public school (school number twenty-five). Now, I study at a private school (Kazguu), but more on that later.

During the pandemic, everything was strict. At first, we studied at home. Our classes also started at 8:00 in the morning, we used textbooks and notebooks, but gadgets were added to all this. At that time, this was very necessary for us. We used different applications such as the platform (Zoom), OnlineMektep (BilimLand), WhatsApp + our mail (for sending class and homework). 

For me, it was so comfortable and convenient that I wanted to study remotely forever. This, of course, has its downsides: you stop communicating with people and friends, more time is spent on lessons, you sit at home all day, and you spoil your health. Doing school assignments was easy and convenient. At home, I did not have to wear a school uniform, and I could also eat anything at any time. For me, it was a wonderful memory and experience in my life. 

At the moment, everything is fine in our country. In Kazakhstan, they were allowed not to wear masks and canceled keeping a distance. When I moved to a private school, I didn't study remotely—there are fewer students in our school than in public ones. In principle, I am now satisfied with everything, and I am very glad that I took the right step by choosing a private school.