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Educational Changes Caused by the Pandemic and Other Related Social Issues

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Favour Adelakun, John Bartram High School, Class of 2022

We all go through changes every day of our lives and then we must adapt to the new situation brought by that change. COVID-19, popularly known as Coronavirus, came like an unexpected storm that caused the shutdown of almost all activities in the world.  Thousands of people died, flights were canceled, schools were closed, and everyone was locked indoors to prevent the spread of the virus.  As you know, schools decided that in order to continue with learning and to also be safe, online schooling was the best, but little did they know the struggles that came with it.  I will be sharing my own personal experience and I know that most students can relate to this.

One of the struggles I must deal with the online learning experience is waking up early.  I must be up by at least 9 AM when I know that I am not going anywhere, and then I must do this every single day apart from weekends.  On a normal school day, waking up early is still difficult, but at least I know that I am getting up to go to school!  

Another issue with learning online is that this type of learning entails more assignments and work than being in the classroom.  I must stay awake until 1 AM on an assignment and I get extremely drained of energy, but even with all this, I have to get up the next day for classes.

Online classes are not fun at all. I try to keep up with the work given by different teachers and must get it done on or before the due date.  Imagine trying to write an essay, complete a 10-slide assignment, and calculate math questions the same day, all of which will be due the next day. This is not an easy task, but isn’t that what school is about? The only aspect of school that my online classes do not have is fun and students.  I am technically the only one in all my classes; can you just imagine how bored I become?  No friends to see or talk to in class and having to answer all the questions directed at me from the teacher is unbearable, but I keep on going because I have a goal I want to achieve. No matter how difficult and annoying online learning is, I will attend to it just to get my straight A’s.

As I was thinking the crisis was coming to an end, there were protests all over the world because of the police brutality that led to the death of George Floyd.  Several properties were vandalized, businesses were looted, and the government is trying to curb it by imposing a curfew to keep people home.

In conclusion, the COVID-19 and present protests in the nation have negatively affected my academic, social, and overall well - being.  I wish to unite with friends and family when all these life-changing experiences are over.  I also have a piece of advice for students who are also struggling with everything that is going on in this country, especially with the protest based on George Floyd. No matter how hard it is or no matter what you are going through, have a set goal, and go towards it. Even with the coronavirus and the protests, always keep in mind that sooner or later all of these challenges will be a thing of the past.