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Eliazar Sunton, Academy at Palumbo, Class of 2023

COVID-19 was very impactful to many people’s lives. Through this experience under the pandemic, distinct thoughts began to flow through my mind as a student, many things such as the minuscule differences initiated in my mind. Consequently, COVID-19 made those tiny differences begin to pull in my life and morphed into bigger thoughts and reflections. 

The pandemic itself proved that I took some things for granted like classrooms and friends. I began to miss my old lifestyle of waking up at six in the morning and heading to the SEPTA station to stroll happily to school. Many other things have helped me to recognize differences. I began to change ever so slightly but the results shocked me to another planet. I usually am not the type to initiate talks with others, but I began to. There was a twist to that. I began talking to my teachers, which is an absolute surprise to me. However, that surprise was not so bad because I liked talking and listening… mostly listening though. 

My social habits were not the only things that changed, but my personality itself began to shift for the better. I attended a college access program that enlightened and changed my thought process of many things like critically thinking about certain topics. The program led me to work with others in a group to present what we learned throughout the process, specifically the college admission process. This was a massive game-changer for me, I was used to calling the shots in presentations, but my group and I each contributed ideas equally and did not cause imbalance in our roles. My ego got demolished into thousands of glass pieces, and I grew for the better. As my ego lessened over time, I began to realize that I enjoyed doing things without my ego and was happier with others and not myself. 

As a student attending high school, COVID-19 was a massive change for me. I began to face many revelations that eventually got me thinking and changing myself for the better. Instead of being the lonely student  I was before, I learned that I liked working with other people and bettering myself with that process as well. People say that COVID-19 ruined their life because they were restricted and something along those lines, but I found that it was a blessing for me to experience this.