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Volume 18 Issue 1 (Fall 2020)

New Tools for a New House:
Transformations for Justice and Peace in and beyond COVID-19


Duilio Baltodano, a visionary, transformative leader, died tragically this year. May Duilio’s legacy of love for humanity and Nicaragua shine as bright as he lived–as a builder, comrade-leader, a giver. He will always, even in death, be our brightest night lantern.

Beyond Words: Reimagining Education through Art and Activism

Bethany Monea, University of Pennsylvania; Joselyn Andrade,* George Mason University; Perla I. Gonzalez,* Northern Virginia Community College; Mikaela Pozo,* George Mason University
*student co-authors listed alphabetically

Hard Pivot: Compulsory Crisis Leadership Emerges from a Space of Doubt

Andrew Phillips, Chair, School of Design, String Theory Schools, Philadelphia
Kelly Grimmett, Assistant Head of Lower School, Friends Seminary, New York City
Elizabeth Fernandez-Vina, Deputy Director of Recruitment, Preparation, & Induction, New Jersey Department of Education

And How Are the Children?

Amelia Coleman-Brown, Assistant Superintendent, School District of Philadelphia
Rahshene Davis, Assistant Superintendent, School District of Philadelphia
Michael Farrell, Deputy Chief of Leadership Development, School District of Philadelphia

Real Talk: Teaching and Leading While BIPOC

Deirdre Johnson Burel, Program Officer, W. K. Kellogg Foundation
Felicia Owo-Grant, Head of Schools, Friendship Public Charter Schools
Michael Tapscott, Assistant Principal, De La Salle Academy

Systems of Emotional Support for Educators in Crisis

Carla Haith, Head of Lower School, Dedham Country Day School
Jeannine Minort-Kale, Supervisor of Secondary Mathematics, Waterbury Public Schools

Global Engagement, Perspective-sharing, & Future-Seeing in & beyond a Global Crisis

Drew Cortese, Direct of Experience Design, Avenues: The World School
Kiet Hoang, Former Chancellor, American Polytechnic College and Broward College Vietnam
Clare Sisisky, Executive Director, The Global Education Benchmark Group

Teaching and Leadership During COVID-19: Lessons from Lived Experiences

Karen D’Avino, Superintendent Vernon Township School District
Muronji C. Inman-McCraw, Principal, Two Rivers Charter School
Curtis A. Palmore, CEO/Superintendent, Community Charter School of Paterson

Crisis Leadership in Independent Schools - Styles & Literacies

Jessica Flaxman 120 Education Consultancy
Christopher Hancock, Head of School, Benchmark School
David Weiner, Dean of Studies, Barrie School

Rituals, Routines and Relationships: High School Athletes and Coaches in Flux

Steve Brown, Director of Financial Aid & Institutional Research, The Lovett School
Kristin Hoins, Director of the Center for Academic Excellence, The Frederick Gunn School

Superintendent Back-to-School Welcome 2020

Wagner Marseille, Superintendent, Cheltenham School District
Reprinted with permission of Dr. Wagner Marseille, Superintendent of the Cheltenham School District in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania

Mitigating Summer Learning Loss in Philadelphia during COVID-19: Humble Attempts from the Field

Elaine W. Leigh, Ph.D. Candidate, Higher Education, University of Pennsylvania
Augusta Atinuke Irele, Ph.D. Candidate, Africana Studies, Comparative Literature, and Literary Theory, University of Pennsylvania
Kimberly A. Bowers, Chief of Staff to the Vice Provost of Student Engagement, University of Pennsylvania


Christopher R. Rogers
Ph.D student within the Reading/Writing/Literacy program at Penn GSE

Why Radical Self-Care Cannot Wait: Strategies for Black Women Leaders NOW

Shanta M. Smith
Ed.D Candidate, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, CEO and founder of Radical Self-Care 4 Educators LLC

Cancelled: The Old Student Experience

Jen Murphy, Assistant Vice Provost, Ohio University, Ed.D. Candidate, Higher Education Management

Lessons from Liberia: Integrating Theatre for Development and Youth Development in Uncertain Times

Jasmine L. Blanks Jones, Ph.D. Candidate in Education and Africana Studies, University of Pennsylvania
Jocelyn Cordell, Director of International Programs, B4 Youth Theatre, Edgewood, Maryland
Joanne Y. Chang, International Development Program Assistant, B4 Youth Theatre, Edgewood, Maryland

The Construct of Standards-based Education

Liza Herzog, Director, Academic Research and Assessment, Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship and Affiliated Faculty, School of Education, Drexel University, and
Cashmear Moore, Cheltenham High School Class of 2021

Using Empathy to Cross the Sea of Humanity

Jomauree (Jo) Wynter, Doctoral Candidate, Chief Learning Officer Executive Doctoral Program University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education
Chungeun (Jane) Kim, Doctoral Student, PennCLO, University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education

Have We Learned NOTHING?

Caroline O’Brien, Penn School of Social Policy and Practice

Choosing Growth Amidst Chaos

Vijay Menon, Candidate for B.S. in Kinesiology and Health, Rutgers 2020

Photo Essays with Students

Anna Walker-Roberts, Teacher, Science Leadership Academy

A Demand for Change!

Rokibat Bamidele
Central High School, Class of 2021

The Pandemic Diaries

Cherilynn Chow, Masterman High School, Class of 2022

TikTok Activism

Renee Caporellie
Academy at Palumbo, Class of 2021

My 2020 Teen Experience

Shannon Davidson
Girard Academic Music Program, Class of 2021

What I Wish My Teachers Knew

Jason Harianto, George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science, Class of 2023

Education During the Pandemic

Christiana Jemiri, Science Leadership Academy, Class of 2021

The Good, the Bad, and the Year 2020

Christeen Joseph
Mathematics, Science, and Technology Community Charter School, Class of 2021

A Philadelphia War-Zone

Noor Kreidie, Science Leadership Academy, Class of 2021

The Unexpected War

Jim E. Pares
Central High School, Class of 2021

We, I, and They

Owen Setiawan, Central High School, Class of 2023


Eliazar Sunton, Academy at Palumbo, Class of 2023

Everything Happens For A Reason

Valerie Sutiono
Philadelphia Performing Arts: A String Theory Charter School, Class of 2021

A Year of Change

Anastasia Volyanyuk
Central High School, Class of 2021

COVID-19 and School

Taj Walter, Science Leadership Academy, Class of 2021

Quarantine Thoughts

Belinda Yong
Central High School, Class of 2021

Quarantine Through Generation Z

Khadijah Malik
Mathematics, Science, and Technology Community Charter School, Class of 2021